Novelty Products to import from China

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Novelty Products to import from China

Novelty Products to import from China

1. Beach foot pad

Nowadays many people like to go to beaches and seaside for the holidays. And, what we need for our beach day is a pair of comfortable slippers. You can’t go in the water with your shoes on, but if you leave the shoes on the shore, there’s a chance you’ve just lost your favourite pair of shoes. Your feet are easy to burn and cut if you roam bare feet on the sand. But, with beach foot pad you’re safe to enjoy the beach days.

Beach foot pads are made up of a special material that is as comfortable as bare feet after being attached. The pads are also scratch resistant, waterproof, heat resistant and slip resistant, which makes it a perfect choice for people who enjoy water sports. Moreover, these foot pads are easy to wear. You need to tear off the adhesive film of the pad, stick it to your foot and you’re done.

If you think not many people around you know about this amazing product, this might be your chance of expanding your business. In China, the wholesale price of this beach foot pad is $0.45, and the us-based Amazon price is $3. If you want a novelty and cheap product, the cheap beach foot pad is the best product to import from China.  

2. Smart backpack

A smart backpack has recently become quite popular. This bag is equipped with a USB interface or a battery. The bag is waterproof and has anti-theft features. Also, the bag has more storage than regular backpacks.

This multi-functional bag has become a trend, and it also makes the travel more convenient. These backpacks can be sold at a higher price than regular backpacks. The price of these backpacks in China is $6 and $13 that lets seller earn a lot of profit.

However, for shipping the smart backpack with battery, it is recommended to choose sea freight. Because it will encounter lots of troubles by air due to its battery. Of course, if you want to save time or don’t want sea freight. I can tell you that some Chinese freight forwarders can help you transport your goods to your country by some special ways.

3. Inflatable lounge

The inflatable lounge was quite in trend but can no longer be used as a recommended product. But, how do these products become popular and how can we find about these on time?

In the beginning, some videos were circulated across the internet. After which, there were a lot of good ratings, and most of the stars started using this inflatable lounge. They also uploaded photos and video on the internet. As the influence of actors is high, people started to think this inflatable lounge is interesting and easy-to-use. This is the reason why people want to buy these types of things even if they may not use it.

So, if you happen to sell this product, you will definitely make a huge profit. You should also pay close attention to social media and look for famous products. When you find such a product, find a Chinese supplier, have that product imported to your country immediately and seize the business opportunity.

4. Reverse inverted umbrella

The reverse inverted umbrella is designed for getting on and off the bus in the rain and is quite popular among motorists. Unlike ordinary umbrellas, reverse inverted umbrellas are gathered upwards, and you can easily get in the car without getting wet.

The wholesale price of this manual reverse inverted umbrella in China is about $3 while the automatic one costs $4.5. The purchase number of these umbrellas is generally more than 500 if you want a customized logo and style and factory production cycle is usually 10 days. However, if you don’t need a customized product, the MOQ (Minimal Order Quantities) will be around 300 pieces.

5. Space Castle Tent for kids

When it comes to novelty products, children’s toys are always trending. Kids toys are always trending and have a massive market demand. Kids are mostly interested in new and fascinating items like castle tent, which is equivalent to kid’s indoor play house. Castle tents are easy to assemble and can be folded up when not in use. The price of these tents is around $4.

However, while purchasing the tent, you must carefully choose the style of it. If the color and pattern of the tent attract the children, their parents will buy the product at once. If the styles do not attract the kids, it can have a negative impact on your sales. So, you could design your own products to stand out in the market and enhance your competitiveness with other businesses.

To purchasing a tent, you are advised to come to Yiwu market as this market has a lot of suppliers. You can directly ask the suppliers about the price, tell them your customization requirements and compare the prices between different suppliers.

6. Milestone blanket

Milestone blanket is a baby photo prop that plays a big role in taking photos of babies. The wholesale price of this item in China is about $1 – $2.2 and the MOQ on Alibaba is at least 500 pieces. But, the MOQ on and Aliexpress will be comparatively small.

On US-based Amazon, there are fewer sellers of milestone blanket and the competition is not intense. It is a good choice for a newcomer in the market. Besides milestone blanket, there are many other products in this category that could earn you a good profit such as long ripple wraps, butterfly posing pillow, etc.

If you are interested in this category, you can choose more than one product. As buyers often buy some related products and if you recommend other products with milestone blanket, there will definitely increase your sales.

To be continued…

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