A Map Guide of Yiwu Wholesale Market

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A Map Guide of Yiwu Wholesale Market

Whenever people talk about sourcing products from China, the Chinese Fairs always come first to many people’s minds, like the Canton fair in Guangzhou. But you can only attend these exhibitions at specific times.

In this case, I highly recommend that you come to Yiwu Wholesale Market, Which is the biggest wholesale market in the world. And you’re very likely to find a supplier that you need at any time.

By reading this article, you will get to learn the features of Yiwu wholesale market, find out how to purchase in Yiwu, discover the products with potential commercial value, and realize your business dream.

The Yiwu wholesale market has five main districts, each with 3-4 floors. All the areas are connected. Actually, you can visit the market from one district to the other four districts without leaving the building.

The overview of “Yiwu Wholesale Market Map”

I have to say that Yiwu Wholesale Market is the best in China and even in the whole world. Because no any other wholesale market is as well planned as the Yiwu Wholesale Market. All areas are subdivided according to the category of their products, like Toys, Jewelries,Electronics, Homewares, Apparels, Sports

You can easily find the products that you want to import from here.

District 1

F1: Common toys, Electric toys, Inflatable toys, Plush toys, Flower accessories

F2: Jewelry, Head Ornament

F3: Ornament Accessories, Porcelain & Crystal, Picture Frame, Tourism Craft, Decoration Craft, Festival Craft

F4: Factory Outlets

District 2

F1: Suitcases & Bags, Schoolbags, Rainwear, Rain Capes & Poly Bags, Umbrellas

F2: Vehicles, Hardware Tools & Fittings, Locks, Electric Products

F3: Electric Instrument, Batteries/Lamp $ Flashlight, Clocks & Watches, Telecommunication Appliances, Small Home Appliances, Shaver, Kitchen & Bath

F4: Factory Outlets, Electronics, Suitcase & Bags, Clocks & Watches, Hardware & Electric Appliances, Pavilion

District 3

F1: Glasses, Pen & Inks, Paper Articles

F2: Sporting Articles, Office suppliers & Stationery

F3: Factory Outlets-Zippers, Accessories, Sporting Articles

District 4

F1: Socks

F2: General Merchandise for Daily Use, Knitting Products, Gloves, HAT

F3: Sewing Thread & Tape, Shoes, Lace, Necktie, Wool Yarn, Towel

F4: Belt, Scarf, Bar & Underwear, Scarf, Bar

District 5

F1: Imported Commodities, African Products Exhibition Center, Jewelry & Handcrafts, Clothing & Hats, Article of Daily Use, Food, Health Care Products

F2: Beddings

F3: Needle Weaver Fabrics, Knitting Raw Material, Curtains

F4: Auto Accessories, Car & Motorcycle Parts, Pet (fish) Products

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